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Mhairi (pronounced VAH-ree) was born in Scotland in 1961. When she was 6 years old her family moved to Ontario, Canada. She grew up in a village on a picturesque lake that was frozen almost as many months as not. The white expanse in winter, dotted with skaters in bright hats and coats, and the white sails and orange lifejackets in summer made crisp impressions that continue to inspire her artwork.

Mhairi studied illustration and photography at The Ontario College of Art and Design and painting at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. When Mhairi was 22 years old she won the prestigious Nathan Philip's Square Awards for Best Sculpture as well as Best Photography at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exibition, Toronto City Hall. She graduated with a B.A. double major in Sculpture and Children's Literature. 

Mhairi's fascination with the human form led her from figurative sculpture to medical illustration at the University of Toronto and then on to Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic,Toronto. In 1986 she became a Myofascial Release and Cranial Sacral Therapist with Dr. John Upedger at the Upledger Institute in Florida. In 1990 Mhairi moved to NYC and studied at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. After training in Boston and New York, Mhairi became an International Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner.

With her background in figurative art, children's literature, 30 years of experience using emotional release techniques, plus her insights as a Bach Practitioner, Mhairi wrote and illustrated "Thread Girl the Brave"She has two grown children and lives in Cold Spring NY.


Mhairi James


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