Thread Girl the Brave

                Written and Illustrated by Mhairi C James (Koepke)

"Thread Girl the Brave" was written and illustrated with care and understanding for the child who has experienced physical or emotional trauma, disability, lived through hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires or finds it difficult to express feelings after a disaster or intense situation. These children face unique sensory and communication challenges. This story helps them to feel compassion for Thread Girl and her struggles, and as they identify with her, they also develop a sense of compassion for themselves. Thread Girl teaches children ways to be calm and centered in relation to their often-unpredictable environment. It is for children who feel overwhelmed and scattered during family transitions such as birth of siblings, moving, divorce, or death. It deals with universal issues of loss, anger, fear, frustration, grief, confusion, and loneliness in a subtle and comforting way. Parents, teachers, and therapists can use “Thread Girl the Brave” as a prompt to initiate conversations about stress management while nurturing emotional literacy in children.

With lively imagery this book explores the nuts and

bolts of a tantrum and follows Thread Girl as she learns she can turn chaos into creativity.


"This inspirational story uses vibrant illustrations and a strong heroine to teach children how to understand and talk about their feelings."

Thread Girl is made of colorful threads of yarn and stuffed full of feelings. She has so much energy that when she spies Earth in the distance she dives toward it before her head and heart strings are properly tied together. Once there, Thread Girl begins to unravel. She tries to hold her thoughts and her feelings inside but quickly gets so overwhelmed that she bursts and her feelings fly in all directions. Follow Thread Girl on her journey of self-discovery as she rises from a mess of a meltdown and spreads her kaliedescopic butterfly wings.

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